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GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 7.1

Brand new version 7.1 is here, and GD bbPress Toolbox Pro has gotten many new improvements and changes, some new options, and bug fixes. Compared to the previous massive 7.0 version, this is a smaller-scope release but a very important one.

On May 27th, 2012, the first version of GD bbPress Toolbox Pro was released, and we are now celebrating 11 years of the most popular and used Dev4Press plugins for WordPress and bbPress. Over these 11 years, the plugin has evolved from a small collection of tweaks and features into a massive and indispensable addition to any bbPress-powered forums. And, yeah, it was a pure coincidence that the plugin is sharing its birthday with WordPress (now celebrating 20 years) – back in those days, I don’t remember that WordPress birthdays were celebrated; that came a few years later.

Updated Markdown Feature settings

Let’s get back to version 7.1 and what this version includes. The markdown Feature is now out of Beta and expanded with one more Markdown parser and options to choose which parser to use. It also has the option to restore minus signs converted by the WordPress texturization process. These minus signs are important for markdown tables. Both Markdown parsers are good for normal use, and they cover many Markdown syntax and extended syntax, but you can try both and decide which one you prefer. And, in theory, new parsers can be added later if needed. Tweaks Feature has grown by two new tweaks – options to disable wptexturize and convert_smilies filters used by bbPress when displaying topics and replies.

There are many other improvements and fixes related to the WEBP support; attachments upload process and attachment shortcode, new admin columns, improved display for forum index panels, some admin issues related to screen options, and more. The new version fixes a few bugs (related to attachments, BBCodes, Auto Close Topics, and more), removes previously deprecated functions, has some additional code cleanup, and more. And finally, this new version uses the latest Dev4Press Library version, 4.1.1, which is also reflected in some small interface changes.

Finally, starting tomorrow, a special promotion will be running for 20 days, with a 20% discount to celebrate 20 Years of WordPress (and 11 years of GD bbPress Toolbox Pro). So, check back tomorrow and don’t miss it.

To see the list of all the changes in this version, please check out the changelog. If you find any issues with the new version, please, report them in the support forums.

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GD bbPress Toolbox Pro plugin for WordPress and bbPress Forums
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Milan Petrovic

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