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GD Mail Queue

GD Mail Queue Pro 5.3

GD Mail Queue Pro 5.3 is a smaller scope release mostly focused on the SendGrid REST API support and a first step in changing system requirements and preparing things for some new upcoming features.

GD Mail Queue Pro 5.2

GD Mail Queue Pro 5.2 and Free 3.8 are now available, bringing support for the detection of more email types in WordPress and more third-party plugins, improvements to the log and email overviews, and few more things.

GD Mail Queue 5.1 Pro

With the new WordPress 5.5 on its way, bringing a huge change in how emails are processed due to the update of PHPMailer library, GD Mail Queue Pro and Free had to be updated to support new WordPress.

GD Mail Queue 5.0 Pro

A new major plugin version brings digest notifications about statistics and emails sending errors, various queue improvements, new queue panel, various other improvements, and several bug fixes.

GD Mail Queue 4.3 Pro

Improved Mail Log

The new plugin update brings a lot of updates and fixes, with several important new features and enhancements related to email log (with retry action), test tools and under the hood changes.

GD Mail Queue 4.2 Pro

Next update for GD Mail Queue Pro plugin, version 4.1 has been just released, and it includes several updates and fixes, support for MailJet SMTP service and two new REST API addons: Gmail and MailJet.