New update for GD Mail Queue is available now with various under the hood updates and fixes, including several new features in HTMLfy module, and setting global reply to email and name.

A new update to GD Mail Queue is a smaller release that improves a lot of things, includes several important bug fixes, and adds few new features. HTMLfy module now has two new tags that can be used in the main template or template parts. Two new tags added are for the Website Tagline and Website Link (this is fully formatted HTML A tag linking to website home page).

Updated HTML template tags
Updated HTML template tags

The plugin now has settings to define global Reply To email and name. If the Reply-To is not set, it falls back to From for most email clients, so it is useful to have a way to set both globally. You can still override both for emails sent using a queue. There are many updates to the plugin core, related to the queue, tests, detection of HTML emails and much more.

As for the bugs, this version fixes few important bugs: HTML tag displayed wrong in some cases in the emails log, queue function missing the content type, incorrect flags on the dashboard in some cases and minor issue with global From settings.

As previously announced, Pro version is coming soon. If all goes OK, it will be released in the next few days, so stay tuned for more information.

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