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GD Mail Queue 4.2 Pro

Next update for GD Mail Queue Pro plugin, version 4.2 has been released, including two new SMTP services (Postmark and SparkPost), a module for Safe Staging support and various updates and fixes.

A main new feature included in the new version is called Safe Staging, allowing you to define the URL of the live website, and define what plugin should do if that website is transferred to the development or staging server (different URL). You can revert plugin to use mail() function, and/or you can prevent the plugin from sending emails and define a list of email addresses allowed to receive emails while on staging environment or replace real email addresses with a different email.

Dashboard updated to show staging information

You can see more information about the safe staging module on the plugin home page:

Safe staging main settings

The plugin has two new SMTP services included, for popular services: Postmark and SparkPost, both available to use with PHPMailer. If you have a suggestion for including more services that support transactional emails and have SMTP relay, let me know, and I can include them in one of the future versions.

A new version includes one new option for BuddyPress. The plugin fully supports BuddyPress and the HTML emails it builds, but, if you want to use HTMLfy from GD Mail Queue Pro to turn BuddyPress plain text emails to HTML, you have a new option that will force BuddyPress to send plaintext emails only using WordPress wp_mail function.

This version includes various improvements under the hood, new filters and actions for developers, and it also fixes several bugs discovered in the past few weeks since the previous major release.

GD Mail Queue Lite

Lite plugin version has been also updated to version 3.3 and available for download on Version 3.3 includes some of the changes from the Pro 4.1 and 4.2, and some bug fixes too.

Check out the plugin features, and let me know what else would you like to see in the plugin and which third-party services to support. If you find any issue with the plugin, as usual, please report them in the support forums.

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GD Mail Queue Pro
Queue based, enhanced email sending system

Intercept wp_mail function, convert emails to HTML and implements flexible mail queue system for sending emails, with support for email sending engines and services.

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