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GD Mail Queue 4.3 Pro

The new plugin update brings a lot of updates and fixes, with several important new features and enhancements related to email log (with retry action), test tools and under the hood changes.

The email log has been updated to include colour-coded rows for failed and queued emails to make it easier to see the log status. And, there is a new action (disabled by default, it can be enabled through Log settings) for retrying email sending if the email has failed. It will send the failed email to the queue to try and send it again.

Improved Mail Log
Improved Mail Log

Email sending test tool is updated to include options to send attachments. The plugin includes 3 lorem ipsum based attachments for demo purposes: image, text and archive. Files are small, and they don’t add to the size of email too much, but can be very useful to test the potential issues with some of the support email sending services or engines. And, the queue test now also has option to allow for attachments to be added to the queued email.

Email test form
Email test form

Other changes include validation of attachments before queue sending to make sure that files are found before attempting to send them. A lot of plugin core classes have been updated and improved, queue processing updated for better error catching.

As for the bugs, this version fixes some very important things related to problems with log status for queued emails, some issues with the database log method and missing reply_to element from the queued email, and few more things related to API engines.

The free version of the plugin, version 3.4 has been released also, containing all the same bug fixes and most of the other updates and improvements.

If you notice any issues with the plugin, please, let me know in the support forums.

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GD Mail Queue Pro
Queue based, enhanced email sending system

Intercept wp_mail function, convert emails to HTML and implements flexible mail queue system for sending emails, with support for email sending engines and services.

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