As you probably know, Dev4Press Network was offline for the past few days. Downtime was caused by a massive outage at ASmallOrange hosting company and the problem they are having is still not fully resolved.

Right now Dev4Press is back online, but it is not exactly sure that it will remain so until ASmallOrange resolves the issues they are having. I know that hundreds of servers were affected, and many of them are still not back online. The problems with ASmallOrange started few months ago, and during November Dev4Press had about 10 hours of downtime, and in December things got much worse. I started to plan the move to another hosting company mid-December and was planning the move in late January. But, with this latest downtime, that lasted for days now, I decided to speed up the process and transfer everything to a new hosting company in the next few days. I simply can’t trust in ASmallOrange and their ability to deal with the server issues and to resolve problems without affecting hosted websites.

I am preparing things for the transfer to try and avoid long downtime during the transfer, and I don’t expect more than few hours of downtime until everything is resolved. I will post more information before I start with the transfer. Until that starts, you can use Dev4Press Network normally, support forums, downloads and everything else works fine.

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