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Dev4Press moved to new server

Dev4Press Network is now working on Cloud server hosted on SiteGround. All problems with ASmallOrange hosting are now gone. And as a plus, there are few more new things that new hosting brings.

ASmallOrange was great hosting for a while. But the past few months their service was going downhill, culminating with the massive outage at the end of 2015. I wad preparing to move Dev4Press even before that, but the plan was to do it in mid to late January. But, long downtimes and other problems forced me to do it as soon as possible. Service on old server was restored on Friday, and I had enough time to backup all the data and on Saturday to start the migration process to new Cloud server on SiteGround.

SiteGround Cloud Hosting

Now that is all done, here is more information about the new server. Dev4Press now runs on Nginx/Apache server with new SSL certificate. A very important update is that website fully support new HTTP/2 protocol, and with most new browsers supporting the new protocol, it will have a big impact on website loading and performance and I expect you will see big improvements in that area. The server uses new PHP7 with built in opCache active and from initial measurements, page loading for WordPress edit page is only 0.3 seconds, down from 1.2 seconds it was on the old server with PHP 5.4. PHP Memory usage is lowered to 13-15MB per page, down from 35-50 with PHP 5.4 New PHP and opCache combination has made some remarkable gains. I plan to do some more in-depth tests over the next few weeks, and I will post more about it later.

As far as I managed to test, everything works as it should be. No data was lost during transfer, all purchases and accounts are accounted for, all forum posts, everything. But, I still expect that it is possible that some errors will happen, and I would appreciate if you can report any problems you may encounter using the contact form.

From today, thing are going back to normal, and new updates for plugin will be released as planned before the transfer, new development is ongoing as planned.

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