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Updated Dev4Press Support Knowledge Base

Dev4Press Support website is based on the bbPress powered support forums and knowledge base documentation made using in-house developed GD Knowledge Base Pro plugin.

For the past few months, GD Knowledge Base Pro was in the ‘thinking about update’ phase, and finally, for the past 3 weeks, it was in a (very) active development. The super long changelog has grown to over 80 items including new features, updates and fixed. New version 3.0 will be released on Monday, June 19, 2017. You can read more about new version on Monday, or you can test it on our demo network.

Plugin page in Knowledge Base
Plugin page in Knowledge Base

For the Dev4Press Support version, I have added some customization, including minor updates to the single product pages (screenshot above). Most important aspects of the new plugin use will be the use of the new User Guide and References content types, and monitoring of the content and search analytics and feedback. This new data will help us better understand what users need and what they think about the content, and that will lead to better documentation.

So far, some of the articles related to the developer documentation are converted to new References content type, and new content type for User Guide will be added in the near future.

Feel free to browse the updated knowledge base, and let me know if you run into any issues.

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GD Knowledge Base Pro
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Complete knowledge base system supporting all themes, with different content types, FAQ, products, live search, feedbacks and ratings, built-in analytics and more.

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