WordPress 5.7 ‘Esperanza’ has been released today. As it stands now, all Dev4Press plugins are ready and fully compatible with the new WordPress version, with few plugins released to address some specific things new WordPress brings.

WordPress 5.7 is a smaller scope release, that improves on existing features, adds few new things, improves the Block Editor, improves the jQuery transition process, and moving further with dropping the migration library, refines the administration interface and color schemes.

I have been testing Dev4Press with the Beta version of new WordPress for the last few weeks, and so far, there were no issues found. The only two plugins that have been updated now are GD Content Tools Pro and GD SEO Toolbox Pro. SEO plugin has a new option to disable new WordPress robots meta tag (if you use SEO plugin meta robots feature) to avoid duplicated robots tag.

If you find any issues with the new WordPress with any of Dev4Press plugins, please, stop by the forums and open a new topic with the bug report.

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