Month: December 2016

GD Rating System Pro 2.0.3

GD Rating System Pro 2.0.3 is a bug fixing release, focusing on improvements and fixes related to data transfer tools, and tools to transfer data from GD Star Rating plugin, stars and thumbs methods.

GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 4.4.5

GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 4.4.4 should be the last minor update before the work on major 4.5 update starts on the first day of the new 2017 year. This version fixes some BBCode related issues reported this past week.

GD Rating System Pro 2.0.2

Few days since the release of the major 2.0 version, here is the second minor maintenance release to fix several reported bugs, improve few things and add a new option for loading source JS and CSS files for debugging purposes.

GD Press Tools Pro 5.3: Chimera

New major release for GD Press Tools Pro is here with version 5.3 (codename Chimera). This version includes one new addon (to disable and handle RSS feeds), one new tweak, many improvements, and fixes.

GD Rating System Pro 2.0: Cronus

Almost one year since the first stable version of GD Rating System Pro was released, here is the major 2.0 version that brings significant new updates, including 2 new built-in addons, custom series for Emote This and much more.

Dev4Press Updater 3.4

Dev4Press Updater 3.4 is a new major version that brings few improvements, and also removes the support for Dev4Press themes installation and update – only plugins can be installed and updated using this plugin.

WordPress Debug mode: Benefits and Pitfalls

Developers know how to best use debug in WordPress and WordPress WP_DEBUG constant to get through potential problems and bugs their code might have. But, for regular users, using debug mode can be very confusing and can cause more problems than it can help solve.

Increase PHP Memory Limit

Anyone working with WordPress (or any other PHP based system) had a chance to see one of the most common fatal errors PHP has to offer: Allowed memory exhausted. This is easy to fix, and depending on your host and personal preference, there are several methods to do it.