Dev4Press Updater 4.0 is a major update that brings a lot of improvements and new features related to WordPress integration, better-provided information about the updates and more.

The focus of this version is to improve the information provided about the updates, especially the stability status to avoid mistakes of installing Beta plugin versions by accident.

Improved plugin block with Beta warning
Improved plugin block with Beta warning

Also, the plugin Dashboard now shows a prominent message about the most important plugin update check settings: do you allow Beta, Alpha and/or Nightly updates. If you install the plugin on the Live website, it is recommended to allow only Stable versions to be installed.

Improved Plugin Info

The panel with plugin information is expanded also with plugin banner, additional information and the stability status message. Also, this panel is fixed, because previously, it was showing outdated information in some cases.

If you find any more problems with the plugin, please report them in the support forums.

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