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Month: November 2016

Robots.txt Rules Builder

GD SEO Toolbox Pro 2.5

GD SEO Toolbox Pro 2.5 is a new, major update that brings many new features, improvements, and fixes. Focus in this release is on robots.txt builder, meta data module, some new tweaks, and sitemap.xml generator.

TinyMCE Button to open the second row

Open TinyMCE editor second row by default

TinyMCE editor used in WordPress usually has two rows on its toolbar. But, the second row is hidden by default, and you need to click an icon on first toolbar row to open the second row.

New Buy Now page design

Plugin and Plugin Pack changes

The new version of the Dev4Press Network website brings some important changes to all plugins (including some updates to prices) and change of Plugin Pack into Plugin Club Membership.

Plugins Home Page Detail

Dev4Press Network v6

Dev4Press Network is now updated to new v6 version. As the number indicates, this is the 6th version of Dev4Press website since it was launched in 2009. It has a brand new look, better content organization, it is more streamlined and easier to get around.

No more Dev4Press themes for WordPress

This is one of the hardest decisions I had to make when it comes to Dev4Press: Dev4Press will no longer make or sell themes for WordPress. From now on, the primary focus is on WordPress premium plugins.

GD Knowledge Base Pro 2.4

New GD Knowledge Base Pro 2.4 expands on the search of the knowledge base by adding dedicated search results page support. This new major version includes many more updates and bugs fixes.

GD Content Tools Pro 5.0.5

This past week two GD Content Tools Pro updates were released, 5.0.4 and 5.0.5. Both are fixing several important bugs and include few improvements essential to meta fields and boxes, datepicker control and integration.

Coming Soon: Dev4Press Network v6

Development of the new Dev4Press Network website is underway, and it is scheduled to go live in about two weeks. The main goal is to update the design, make the website easier to use and to better organize plugins information.