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Dev4Press 2023: A Year in Review

2023 is ending soon, and this is a great time to look back on everything that happened with Dev4Press and Dev4Press plugins for WordPress this year and offer some glimpses into what to expect in 2024.

This year, we have released 100+ new plugin versions (both Pro and Free plugins). It is hard to count all the new features added and all the changes and fixes, but it was a lot of work going into making that happen – as you may know, I am the sole developer in Dev4Press, and over the past year, I have made over 1000 commits to various Git repositories for all Dev4Press plugins.

Dev4Press celebrated 14th birthday earlier this month, and the official Dev4Press Timeline has been updated so check it out here.

It is hard to list everything that was done on Dev4Press this year, and a lot of plugins got very important updates, including GD Knowledge Base, SweepPress and GD Mail Queue. And, a lot of work is done on testing and updating plugins for latest WordPress compatibility, and especially, compatibility with new PHP versions. And, PHP 8.3 is fully supported by Dev4Press plugins, and all the new releases are PHP 8.3 compatible.

Dev4Press Library

Dev4Press shared core library, used by almost all Dev4Press plugins, has come a long way this year, and it went from 4.0, released in March, ending the year as version 4.5.2. It is hard to overstate how essential this library is for Dev4Press plugins; it makes many things easier, starting with the plugin code structure, base classes, admin interface, shared code, shared styling, and more. With versions since 40, switching between versions for each plugin became much easier, and the work done this year has made so much difference in developing plugins like coreActivity and coreSecurity.

CORE Plugins

This year, 3 new plugins have been released, in the new CORE line of plugins. These are: coreActivity, coreSocial Pro and coreSecurity Pro. coreActivity is very important plugin, because it aims to be a central hub for anything related to logging events and activities in WordPress, supporting 120+ events out of the box, and it is possible to expand it. This is a free plugin, and it is available on GitHub and in WordPress plugins repository. The other two CORE plugins have only Pro versions.

coreSecurity is a comprehensive security solution that combines several very important elements in one plugin: antispam, firewall, file scanner, security headers and registration and login control. This plugin relies on coreActivity plugin, and it adds own events aimed at security.

bbPress Plugins

Dev4Press plugins for bbPress have had a lot of new releases this year, and as usual, GD bbPress Toolbox Pro was in the focus, starting with major, and huge release in version 7.0. And, this plugin will get a final release of this year with major 7.4 version in the next few days. GD bbPress Toolbox Pro has fully transitioned to the Features model, and got several new features this year, including the Booster.

Dev4Press Website

While that may not be always easy to see, a lot of work has been done on Dev4Press website, especially related to account dashboard where new elements are added, including easy method to check your payment information and update it before the next subscription payment is due. A lot of small improvements are added all over the network.

And, there were significant pricing changes made few days ago, making some of the most popular plugins cheaper, including GD bbPress Toolbox Pro and GD Knowledge Base Pro. New pricing changes affect most of the plugins, and plugin clubs.

2024: A Preview

First major release next year will be already announced plugin for bbPress Forums Moderation. This plugin is still on track for late Feburary release. Security plugin coreSecurity Pro will get several major updates, with at least one major update in the first couple of months of next year. GD Quantum Theme Pro plugin will get major 4.0 update with alternative configuration settings (if you can’t use Customizer on your website), and GD bbPress Toolbox Pro will get at least 2 major releases in 2024. GD Mail Queue Pro/Lite and GD Rating System Pro/Lite will get more updates next year.

When it comes to the website, a lot of work will go into the knowledge base, and I plan to have some additional changes to the website to refresh some of the parts, especially blog.

Let me know if you have any suggestions about the next year plans, and what more you would like to see coming from Dev4Press. Until then, I wish you great holidays and happy new year!

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About the author

Milan Petrovic
Milan Petrovic

CEO and Lead developer of Dev4Press Web Development company, working with WordPress since 2008, first as a freelancer, later founding own development company. Author of more than 250 plugins and more than 20 themes.

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